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Sensual massage is an ideal way for sexual partners to explore intimacy. Erotic massage makes for exciting foreplay in the bedroom and can be used to spice up a couple’s sexual bond. You don’t have to know anything about massage therapy to enjoy sensual massage. Look at it as an adventure. Go slow, explore with your partner and enjoy discovering new things about his body.

Set the mood in the room. Use candles to light the space and pick out comfortable and attractive sheets. Put music on that both you and your partner enjoy.

Apply massage oil. This will allow you to sweep over your partner without any uncomfortable friction. Consider using scented oil for additional sensory stimulation.

Slowly explore the body with your hands. You don’t need to know any actual massage strokes to give a deeply fulfilling sensuous massage. Just move your hands over your partner’s exposed skin. Gently glide down the back, legs and arms. Pay special attention to areas of the body that aren’t frequently stimulated. Run your finger over the back of your partner’s knee. Spend time squeezing and tugging your partner’s ears.

Listen to your partner’s verbal cues and notice any physical signs of enjoyment. Spend extra time on areas that arouse your partner. Communication is the key to a sensual massage.

Take your time. Don’t feel like you have to rush to climax. Sensual massages should build up slowly. Let your partner enjoy your touch and make it a point to focus on points of their body that aren’t normally considered sexual. Gently rubbing the ankle or stimulating the scalp can be sensuous in the right context.

Use other parts of your body to perform the massage. Don’t limit yourself to your hands. Use the soft skin on your forearm, your lips, your fingers and your tongue to stimulate different parts of your partner’s body.


Be creative. Sensual massage should be a chance for you to explore your sexuality with your partner. Consider blindfolding him for all or part of the session. Incorporate tools like a feather to help you massage her body.


Be gentle. You don’t want to overdo it with your touch. Communicate with your partner to make sure you’re not going to deep. If she is uncomfortable, adjust your pressure.