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Increase your sex drive and overall satisfaction with your sex life with exercise. Besides reducing stress, exercise will release endorphins, improve body image and sense of self and can positively impact your hormones.

Make an Impact

Cardiovascular exercise is particularly good for increasing the libido. You’ll reduce your stress and cortisol levels, which directly can impact your sex drive. You will also increase blood flow to all areas of your body, including your sexual organs. Even light exercise can help.

Libido Lift

Strength training directly affects your libido by increasing testosterone. Focus on your large muscle groups and don't train the same muscles on consecutive days. Stick with a higher weight and fewer repetitions to boost your testosterone levels. While women produce less testosterone -- about one-tenth of men -- it still has a powerful effect on libido levels and the strength of orgasm for both genders.

Squeeze Tight

“Kegels” are exercises that involve repeatedly squeezing the pelvic floor. This is also the muscle that helps you hold in urine. The Kegel exercise can help increase your sex drive by creating sexual energy flow and increasing muscle tone in the pelvic floor. In women, Kegels help to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and have stronger orgasm. With men they can be used as an exercise in delaying ejaculation.

Ecstatic Yoga

Yoga practice has long been known for its potential to increase libido. Yoga focuses on stretching and energy flow. Stretching in itself can help to improve orgasm and increase libido as sexual energy is released through yogic practice. If you are particularly interested in the use of yoga to ignite your sex drive, you might try Tantric Yoga.


Sex itself can be an exercise to increase your libido. While it may seem counterintuitive to have more sex to increase your sex drive, frequent lovemaking can actually ignite sexual energy and flow.