How to Make your Own Derby Hat

By Andrea Walker

Lavish derby hats are a staple fashion accessory for women (and men) at the Kentucky Derby each year. Derby hats are as much a part of the tradition of the Kentucky Derby as fast horses and mint juleps. These hats allow a woman to show off her own unique style. However, not everyone can afford to spend the big bucks on these kinds of hats. In that case, there's no reason you can't create your own.

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Step 1

Do a little research on the Internet about the Kentucky Derby and Derby hats before starting your project. You will find plenty of images of hats from past Kentucky Derbies.

Step 2

Get a firm straw hat--firm so that it will hold its shape, and straw because it is easier to decorate. Make sure it has a big, wide brim for maximum effect.

Step 3

Experiment with placement of the craft materials (ribbons, lace, flowers) on your hat before gluing them on. Arrange the selected ribbon or lace around the hat's base to see how it will look first. It might be a good idea to pin the flowers in place before gluing.

Step 4

Use craft glue to attach ribbons or lace around the base of the hat, and use fingers to smooth out wrinkles and excess glue.

Step 5

Add the largest flowers first, and allow the glue for each decoration to dry before adding another. Extra ribbons and smaller flowers will finish up the look.