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If you want to create a rounder head shape, you can do so by choosing a haircut that alters the appearance either of your face shape or the shape of your skull. Face shapes can vary from oval to heart-shaped, square, rectangular or round. Just as you can balance your face shape with the right hairstyle, you can also alter your head shape – including a flat crown, flat top or longer skull – with certain hair tricks.

Analyze your face and head to determine their shape. Either pull your hair back into a tight ponytail or slick the sides back. Look into a mirror and trace the shape of your face onto the mirror with a bar of soap. Move over so you have another clear view of the mirror and trace the shape of your head. Step away and view what shapes the outlines are in.

Decide what you want to do about the length of your hair. When wanting to create a round face shape, the best hairstyles to choose from are chin-length haircuts. These short bobs mimic a round shape which adds volume to the face. Short hair is also effective to combat a flat crown, as you can add extra volume in that area. The short layers of a bob haircut are easy to backcomb over a flat crown. Those trying to cover a longer head can do so with longer hair to offset the length of the skull. Keep volume at the base of your layers to create fullness that will balance the length of the skull.

Style hair for a circular-shaped bob if your hair is already chin length. You can create a circular shape by applying mousse to wet hair. Blow-dry your hair and curl it out by using a round brush. If you are using a bob to cover a flat crown, pay extra attention to lift the layers with your round brush that will fall over the crown.

Use hot rollers to mimic a chin-length style if your hair is longer. Section your hair by dividing it at a line that goes from ear to ear around your hair. Pin the upper sections up with clips. Roll the lower sections around hot rollers and pin them to your neckline. Roll the upper sections and pin them near the top of your head. Remove the rollers after five minutes. Loosen your curls by gently running your fingers through them. Use bobby pins to pin the curls to simulate a chin-length curly bob.

Spray your hair with a maximum-hold hairspray.


If you want to make your face shape appear rounder on an infrequent basis, pinning longer hair can be sufficient. If you desire this look every day, consider cutting your hair to a chin-length bob and styling it in a circular shape daily.

Long head shapes can be offset with longer hairstyles. Longer hair can be in virtually any style as the purpose of longer tresses is to balance the size of the skull itself.