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There really isn't a proven solution on how to make your hair grow faster and longer. Although there are lots of ways you can get your hair to grow out to its fullest potential quicker than normal.

Everyone these days want thick long locks of hair in no time at all. Many people can achieve this in just a few hours by visiting their local salons to get extensions put in. Unfortunately not all of us can afford to spend our money on extensions so we have to rely on the hair we already have. Although, there are many ways to get your hair to grow faster and longer in a shorter amount of time than normal.

Start taking care of your hair better by being nicer to it. Hair falls out naturally on its own so be sure not to ruin its pattern. The gentler you are to your hair, the less likely it will fall out faster. You don't want to cause breakage because it will make your hair shorter and thiner within a short period of time. Instead of putting your hair up in tight pony tails and braids, start making them loser. Also brush your hair carefully when putting it up, but never brush it wet. Brushing wet hair causes lots of breakage and frizz. If your hair is wet, be sure to brush it out with a comb as gentle as possible. Some people have naturally tangled hair. If you are stuck in this situation be sure to take care of it properly. You should go to the store and buy a detangler. Then work through any knots with your fingers, do not pull on them. This will make tangled hair much easier to brush through as well easier work with.

If your hair is very dead and short it will be harder to grow out. You might want to consider eliminating as much harm as possible. Extremely harmful products that will slow down the growing process are bleaches, hair dyes, tints, and straighteners. I recommend giving your hair a break from any of these products. Leaving your hair alone will result in thicker, longer, and more beautiful hair.

Start taking a daily vitamin. In order to make your hair grow faster your body will need a healthy source to build off of. Stay away from any pills that contain iron as they are proven to make you lose hair. You want to focus on taking pills that are high in biotin or vitamin c. Be sure to take the pills you've chosen everyday if you want to start seeing results. It will take a couple of months till you really start noticing a big change but it will highly speed up your hair growth process.

Try and relax. Stress is a very common cause of hair loss. You hairs growing process will also slow down much more if you are under large amounts of stress. If you have a hard time relaxing you should try taking part in a sport or daily activity you enjoy. This should help keep you more active, happy, and stress free.

Many people wash their hair daily but it is best not to. Washing your hair everyday will cause your hair to lose its natural oils that protect and condition your hair better than anything else. Shampoo is a major cause of hair breakage, hair breakage causes shorter hair. You really only want to wash your hair when it is extremely greasy which is normally every two days.

The best thing for your hair is oils. Oils will keep your hair healthy and encourage it to grow long and strong. You should use hot oil treatments, daily conditioners, and masks on your hair every few days. Doing so will create a beautiful shine, this is the cherry to the top of your soon to be long luscious locks.