These products can make your hair grow twice as fast.

how to make your hair grow faster

As a woman who routinely makes bad haircut decisions, by necessity, I have come up with a sort of "hair grow cocktail" that seems to really speed up the growing process, adding about an inch a month to the length. As you may know, hair typically grows about a quarter to a half an inch a month. The following can speed up the process, so give it a try.

1) Do not wash your hair every single day. If you must get it wet to style it, then rinse it and use a conditioner instead of shampoo. I wash my hair every third day or so, on average. Dry hair breaks off and tangles, defeating the purpose altogether. So start with this tip FIRST.

2) Use a product called "Suddenly Straight", available at drugstores for under $10. This stuff is like grow serum. I use lots of this, working it trough my hair with my fingers. Leaves it silky and smooth. My hair is a little wavy, naturally, and even though this product is designed to help with straightening the hair, it will also help you retain natural waves without stiffness. Sometimes I like to use a straight iron, and this product is great for that, too.

3) Take a few B-Complex tablets every day, with a glass of water. Make sure it has biotin in it. Any brand will probably work.

4) Get CALCIUM and VITAMIN D. Supplements tend to be like large horse pills and contain only a percentage of the RDA, so take as many as you need to get the RDA, but don't take them all at once. Space all your supplements out throughout the day.

5) Take an Omega 3 supplement. The best I've found is the "Oil Smart" by Renew Life.

That's it. Give this routine a try for 30 days to see truly fast hair growth. It WORKS!


  • Try all tips or just a few. I use them all to get the super charged growth so I have to think that they all work in combination.