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While no scientific evidence exists that armpit hair growth-rate can be increased, steps can be taken to encourage growth. Massaging the underarms will help stimulate circulation, which, in turn, may encourage quicker hair growth. While you will not see hair growth overnight, if you stick to a massage routine you should notice increased growth over time.

Lay on a bed on your side with your top arm up over your head, exposing your underarm area.

Massage the exposed underarm in small, clockwise circles for 1 minute, using two fingers from your lower arm.

Change the direction of the massage so that you are now rubbing in counterclockwise circles, continue this for 1 minute.

Roll over on the bed and repeat the same process on the other armpit.

Repeat this massage three times a day to increase blood flow and encourage underarm hair growth.


Speak with your physician; an underlying health issue might be the cause of slowed armpit hair growth.