Eucalyptus oil, oil of wintergreen and witch hazel

Arthritis, characterized by swollen, aching joints, is inflammation of the joint tissues and can be quite painful, especially in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, which can sometimes be crippling. The most common areas for swollen joints are around the elbows, fingers and wrists, as well as the occasional ankle. Finding a quick way to relieve joint pain is important, but finding a natural remedy for it makes it even better.

Locate a glass container with a sealable lid, such as a mason jar.

Pour in 2 oz. of oil of eucalyptus, 2 oz. of oil of wintergreen and 2 oz of the witch hazel.

Seal the lid on your container and shake all three ingredients together until well mixed. Uncap lid.

Add 2 oz. of isopropyl alcohol to the mixture, stirring well. Close lid and shake mixture until it is consistent.

Store in an easy-to-use container and apply directly on aching joints as a rub three times daily or as needed.


  • Be sure to give the mixture a good shake each time before application.

  • Another remedy for joint pain with similar ingredients is 12 oz. isopropyl alcohol, 1 oz. wintergreen oil and 3 oz. chloroform, mixed well and used as a rub.