Aromatherapy oil and lavender

Tinnitus is characterized by a ringing, swishing or other type of relentless noise in the ears. The sound, which is not due to an external source, can be caused by fluid in the ear, an infection, Meniere's diesease or otosclerosis. Tinnitus can also be caused by hard masses of wax in the ear, a stuffy nose, aspirin, alcohol and excessive smoking. Usually symptoms of tinnitus resolve themselves in time. If tinnitus persists, essential oils can help treat the problem.

Essential Oil Blend

An essential oil blend brings together the best of several different oils. A combination of cypress, lavender and juniper will provide a synergistic approach to treating tinnitus. These oils help restore and strengthen, relieve congestion, detoxify and relax the nervous system.


Juniper has an aroma very much like balsam with woody notes. Juniper is a superb detoxifier and helps cleanse the blood. Juniper releases toxins from the body and promotes the excretion of uric acid crystals. Juniper also assists the functioning of the kidneys. This essential oil is also useful in helping the body to regulate itself and is useful as a digestive aid. The detoxifying action of Juniper is particularly useful in treating tinnitus.


Cypress is essential oil made from the leaves and cones of an evergreen cypress tree. Cypress, like juniper, has woody tones and has a light, fresh aroma with some spice. Cypress essential oil helps calm the nervous system and ease nervous tension in the body. It improves blood circulation and can relieve conditions related to congestion of lymph nodes. It is also useful in treating sinusitis.


Lavender has a sweet floral fragrance and is used to treat conditions such as congestion, while helping repair cells and encourage regeneration. Lavender has a strong restorative action as well as being a relaxant. The soothing, tranquilizing and calming qualities of lavender are important in the essential oil blend to treat tinnitus.

How to Use Essential Oils

Make the essential oil by combining 15 drops of each essential oil with 1 oz. of carrier oil such as sweet almond oil. Place in small, dark glass bottle with dropper. Shake the oils together and allow them to blend for at least 24 hours.

To use, put one to three drops of the blended essential oils into your palm, and inhale deeply. Then apply the oil to the back and front of the earlobes on the side that is affected. The oil will enter the nerve endings in these areas and produce a feeling of relaxation. Add a few drops of the mixture to a vaporizer and inhale the fumes to help clear up congestion, which can ease tinnitus. Massaging the forehead as well as the area around the ears also is beneficial in relieving tinnitus symptoms.

Other Essential

Other essential oils to consider when treating tinnitus are lemon essential oil and rose essential oil. Add a drop or two of their oil, along with rosemary and cypress, to a vaporizer and breathe the vapors in to help clear your sinuses. Massage the temples and outer ear area to reduce the sensation of ringing in the ears.