Wavy hair can be created through a number of styling methods. Hair gel is a styling product that transforms hair into waves without the damage that comes from using hot rollers or a curling iron. A method called hair scrunching is used with the hair gel to make waves. It's best to use with hair that already has a natural wave or curl to it.

Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with water. Apply conditioner to hair and rinse completely with water.

Squeeze out as much water from your hair as possible with your hands.

Wrap a towel around your hair and squeeze out more water with the towel.

Place a quarter-size amount of hair gel in the palm of your hand.

Rub your palms together so the gel is on both hands.

Flip your head over and scrunch your hair starting from the ends of the hair to the scalp.

Bring your head back upright, and scrunch your hair again, starting from the ends of the hair to the scalp.

Attach a diffuser to a hair dryer and set the hair dryer to a low speed setting.

Hold the hair dryer 6 inches away from your head and blow dry your hair until it is dry.