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Food dyes enhance the appearance of food and are a favorite choice for decorating desserts. Food dyes are available in a range of colors and forms, including pastes, gels and liquids. Unfortunately, silver food dye is not commercially available. You can purchase silver luster dust for use in fondants, but it is not well-suited for softer icings or dying Easter eggs. If you would like to decorate with silver food dye, you can create the dye at home by mixing black and blue liquid food dyes.

Combine equal parts blue and black food dye in the empty food dye bottle. Seal the bottle with its cap.

Shake the bottle vigorously for 10 seconds. Remove cap.

Test the shade of the silver dye by mixing two drops with the white icing. If the color is too dark, add a small amount of white icing into the dye bottle, seal and shake. If the color is too light, add two drops of black dye, replace the top and shake.


If you are preparing fondant, you can add some luster dust to the dyed fondant to produce a silvery metallic sheen. Luster dust is not soluble in water and should never be added directly to the silver food dye.


Food dye will stain skin, cloth and porous surfaces.