How to Make Gold Food Coloring

Add 10 drops of yellow food coloring into your mixing dish. This will be the base for your food coloring; any additions will be added to this initial color. Add one drop of red food coloring into the mixing dish and mix the colors together with a toothpick. The disproportional amount of yellow will keep the coloring from turning orange, and the red will act to dull the yellow, creating a gold tint. Use a small amount of the food coloring on a test piece of dough or a cracker. Let the color set in. Check back in a few minutes to see the final color. If the color is too light, add another drop of red to your mixture and test again. If the color is too dark or resembles orange, add more yellow food coloring to the mixture. Repeat testing until you reach the desired gold hue.


  • While it does not function as food coloring, gold luster dust can be used to cover edible products. The dust does not mix well into other products, though.


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