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Purse straps often include adjustment clips, which can be used to adjust the length of the strap. Adjustment clips enable wearers to fold the straps in on themselves to make for a shorter strap. When a longer strap is desired, the wearer can lift the adjustment clip and pull the strap to its full length. But because it isn't uncommon for purse makers to omit adjustment clips, you may find that your purse's straps are too short. Taller women may even find that adjustable straps still aren't long enough. But you still can extend the length of your purse straps and make your purse more comfortable to wear.

Place your purse in your lap or on a table, and then unclip one side of the purse's strap from the purse ring.

Connect the handbag chain to the disconnected end of the purse strap. Clip the original purse strap onto the ring at the end of the handbag chain.

Clip the opposite end of the handbag chain to the purse ring.

Adjust the purse's original strap to the desired length, using the length adjustment clip on the strap.

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