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Whether for a Halloween costume or a fashion statement, it can be fun to do different things with your ponytail. Having it stand straight up or project out from your head will make a bold fashion statement. Once you have the right materials, getting your ponytail to stand up is quite simple and can be achieved at home.

Comb your hair so that it is tangle-free and then gather it all together in your hands at the back of your head. Secure an elastic band around it.

Cut one piece of thick bendable wire, such as the consistency of a wire hanger, using wire cutters. The length of the wire pieces should be about an inch shorter than the length of the ponytail.

Cover each edge of the wire with masking tape, or something similar, to avoid scratching your scalp.

Place one end of the wire piece into the center of your ponytail where it is gathered in the elastic band; the wire should be sticking straight out of the back of your hair. Wrap the ponytail around the wire piece to hide it and place a second elastic band at the end of the ponytail. Alternatively, you may braid your hair around the wire piece rather than wrapping.

Apply hairspray to the ponytail to help your hair stay in place.

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