Delicious fresh pizza in cardboard box on a wooden table. Top view. Concept for home delivery of food, fast food, delivery of pizza

A pizza box is a cardboard container designed to hold pizza. The box should be slightly larger than the pizza itself. It should also be at least somewhat waterproof to avoid damage from oils and moisture. You can even make your own small pizza box to hold an individual slice of pizza.

Mark one of the 12-inch sides of the cardboard with a series of four 1-inch lines. Make the first line one inch from one edge, the second at 5 1/2 inches, the third at 6 1/2 inches and the fourth at 11 inches. Repeat on the other 12-inch side. The second series of four lines should be exactly opposite the first.

Use scissors to cut slits along each one of these eight lines. You should have created 10 tabs. Bend each of these tabs backward and forward so that they become flaps. Do not tear them off from the main body of the cardboard.

Turn one of the 8-inch sides of the cardboard toward you. Grab the central area between the two flaps and fold it up and in toward the rest of the cardboard. Fold the two flaps sideways toward each other. This makes the front edge of your box.

Take the sections of cardboard next to the front of the box and fold them in toward the center of the box. Leave them standing up. Their front ends should overlap the front of the box you created in Step 3. Tape the front ends of these box sides to the inward facing tabs of the front of the box.

Fold the back half of the piece of cardboard up toward the front of the box. This will bring the next 2 flaps into position just behind the ends of the sides of the box you created in Step 4. Tape these flaps to the existing sides of the box.

Continue folding the farther half of the cardboard down over the lower part of the pizza box. Fold down the next sections of cardboard so that they overlap the existing sides of the box. Tape them in place.

Create the front of the upper part of the pizza box by folding down the central part of the cardboard, and folding the 2 flaps inward toward each other. The flaps should come to rest along the inner sides of the upper part of the pizza box. Tape them in place.


Line your pizza box with tissue paper to add extra protection from oil and moisture. Personalize the box by decorating its cover or writing your name in magic marker


Do not use stiff corrugated cardboard. Cardboard must be flexible enough to bend easily but not lose its shape.