2013 Miss America Pageant
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A sparkling and jewel-encrusted crown is more than a festive accessory that signifies that you are the queen of the pageant. In fact, this statement piece of hair jewelry adds a splash of color to you hair and is reminiscent of royalty. Unlike tiaras, pageant crowns do not have obvious attachment devices such as combs in the rim to secure the crown to your hair. The trick to attach a pageant crown properly is simple, requiring only two elastic bands and a handful of bobby pins.

Typically, full pageant crowns have four small hooks on the inside of the rim. Take one elastic band, and stretch it from one hook across to the diagonal hook. Take another elastic band, and do the same, stretching it and attaching each end to the other two diagonal hooks. The two elastic bands should form an "X" or a cross over the opening of the crown rim. The center of the "X" or cross should match the top center of the wearer's head.

Clip bobby pins along the elastic lines and onto the hair to fasten the crown. Imagine a clothesline with laundry clips across it.

Use clear fishing wire to attach the crown, if the elastic bands tend to come off easily or if there are no hoops inside the crown. Create an "X" formed inside the crown circle so that you can use bobby pins, clips, barrettes or any other hair fastening device along the two lines.


To make sure that you've attached the pageant crown securely, shake, tilt and nod your head back and forth to check for any loose elastic bands.