Communication is so much more than words. We communicate far more in silent signals, such as our posture, our eye contact and our smell. Pheromones are odorless microscopic chemical messages that is picked up by a person's vomeronasal organ. Although we all naturally put off pheromones, if we are ill or going through menopause, we won't put off as much as usual. It is always fun to make your own perfume with a little extra kick to get you noticed.

Go to a store that sells aromatherapy essential oils and smell a variety that you enjoy. You can stick with one, or go for a few. If you already know the essential oils that work well with your skin and improve your mood, then skip to Step Five.

Ideally, you want to select three aromatherapy oils from each of the note family that goes to make up a perfume. Top notes are citrus smells, light floral smells and bracing smells like tea tree oil.

Select a middle note essential oil, such as the stronger floral scents like jasmine, herbal scents like rosemary and some spicy scents like marjoram.

Select a base note essential oil. This is the scent that will linger the longest, so invest well in this one. These include woody scents, spicy scents and vanilla.

Order your bottle of concentrated synthetic female pheromone from an online company. Some may be available at pharmacies. The higher the percentage of female pheromone, the more expensive it will be.

Gather all of your materials together (except water) in your bathroom or other place where a spill can be easily cleaned up.

Combine in your small glass bottle or atomizer the following formula: 1/4 cup vodka (or other pure grain alcohol), and two to three drops of each of your essential oils. You then add a liberal dash of the pheromones. Close, shake and store in a cool, dark space for at least two weeks, shaking the bottle every now and then. You can also give it a sniff when you want. You might find the smell good enough after only two days.

Open the bottle or atomizer after two weeks or longer and add two teaspoons of distilled or spring water. Shake it up and try it on just one pulse point. If the smell is too overwhelming, try adding more water to thin it down a bit.


  • If you already have a favorite perfume, you can just add the synthetic pheromones to it.

  • There are perfumes sold with pheromones already in them, but you need to test them first to see if you like the smell. These cost a lot less than just pure pheromones.

  • Some European studies show that lesbians find female pheromones attractive, not just men.