What Stores Carry Ambush Perfume

Ambush perfume was originally launched in 1955 by the house of Dana. The company was founded in Barcelona, Spain by Javier Sierra. Ambush was sold throughout the 1960s and 1970s until its producer became bankrupt. The company was relaunched in the late 1990s after its portfolio of brand names was purchased.

Brick and Mortar Stores

It will be difficult to purchase Ambush in a brick-and-mortar store location. The perfume is in a low-cost category along with the likes of "Chantilly", "Classic Freesia" and "Incognito." It will not be for sale in department stores and will be found where you can purchase the other brand names, but it's not guaranteed. Look in drug stores for Ambush. Walgreen's, CVS and Rite Aid are all options. If you cannot find Ambush in a drug store you most certainly will be able to purchase it from an online retailer.

Online Stores

There is an abundance of online retailers that sell Ambush perfume. There is a slight difference between the original Ambush scent and the one that was re-launched in the 1990s. If you are looking for an older, original bottle of ambush, your best bet is an online resale site like eBay or Amazon. If you are looking for a newer bottle of Ambush, you have several options that will allow you to price compare. Sites like Fragrance Net, Fragrantica and 99 Perfume all sell Ambush and are good jumping off points for your search.

Ambush Smell

Ambush is described as an oriental woody fragrance. The top notes are lavender, heliotrope and bergamot orange. The middle notes are orchid, jasmine and oakmoss. The "top notes" of a perfume's scent are the first smells that will be detected by your nose. These scents will evaporate quickly once the perfume is applied. The "middle notes" will emerge after the top notes dissipate. They are considered the "heart" of the perfume's scent.