The essential oils of many flowers are used in the making of perfumes. The scents of flowers are affected by the soil and the climate in which they are grown. Oils are often extracted by distilling them. Although there are numerous flowers that are used in perfumes, some are more frequently chosen for their strong fragrance. The most popular flowers include roses, jasmine, violets, lilies, orange flowers and plumeria. Others that are used include lavender, magnolia, moonflower, chamomile, rosemary and sweet pea.


The damask rose is the most frequently used rose for perfumes. The rosa centifolia is also widely used.


Jasmine flowers are picked just before dawn for the best fragrance.


The victoria violet and the parma violet are used most often in perfume.


There are many varieties of lilies and their scents differ as well. General types of lilies include asiatic, trumpet, aurelian and oriental. One of the most often used in perfumes is Lily of the Valley.

Orange Flowers

Orange flowers provide oils that are very functional in their use for perfume.


Plumeria is a flowering tree with fragrant blooms that hold up well when picked. They are the flowers that are often used in Hawaian leis. Their fragrance is stronger at night.