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Mixing essential oils to create a fragrance oil can be fun. Experiment with a wide variety of essential oils to create your own unique fragrance, or create essential oils from your garden to mix into a fragrance oil. Essential oils are the concentrated extracts of aromatic flowers, herbs, spices, trees and other plants. Often, they are blended with base oils to create new fragrances or to combine healing properties of various plants. Here are the basic steps to blend a fragrance oil of rosemary and lavender. You can use your finished fragrance oil as a perfume, for aromatherapy or in massage.

Pour sweet almond oil into the perfume bottle to act as the base of your fragrance oil. Almond oil is one of the most cost-effective oils you can use. However, other oils, such as jojoba or vegetable oils, can be substituted.

Add a drop of lavender oil using the eyedropper. Typically, you will add only a couple drops of essential oil to each ounce of base oil.

Add a drop of rosemary oil using the eyedropper for each ounce of base oil.

Test the strength of your fragrance oil by smelling it. Add more lavender or rosemary essential oil if you desire a stronger fragrance.

Tightly close the bottle of fragrance oil, and set it in a dark place. Let the oil sit for a week so the essential oils become infused with the almond oil.