essential oils with chamomile

Whether you're a beginner or an expert soap and perfume crafter, making pheromone-based products proves to be a challenge worth taking. Pheromones, according to scientists like the ones at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, release sexual attractants from one person to another in the hopes of attracting a mate. Obtaining pheromones and mixing them with essential oils makes for an enjoyable craft for those who love to fall in love.

Add approximately 4 tbsp. of concentrated pheromone oil to a small plastic bottle. You can find pheromones from online sources, or you can call your local university's science department to inquire on where to obtain real human pheromones.

Select your choice of essential oils to incorporate with the pheromone blend. If the product you're making is for a man, use masculine scents such as tea tree oil, juniper berry or blue cypress essential oils. Feminine essential oils include rose, ylang ylang and other floral scents.

Add your choice of essential oils equaling no more than 30 drops into the plastic bottle containing the pheromones.

Cap the bottle, and shake it vigorously to allow the oils and pheromones to blend thoroughly.

Allow the bottle to settle for at least three or four hours before use.