essential oil in glass bottles

Rosehip oil is oil that is extracted from rose bush seeds and is commonly used for skin care. Due to its ability to nourish the skin, rosehip oil has beneficial impacts on scars, stretch marks, eczema, acne and wrinkles. Although a little goes a long way, keep in mind that rosehip oil has a shelf life.


Different types of rosehip oils have different shelf lives. Some rosehip oils are pure extracts with zero additives. These types of oils will expire faster. According to Aromantic, rosehip oil is dry, as far as oils go, so it requires the addition of other oils to extend its shelf life. Rosehip oil that is mixed with vitamin E can have a shelf life of around two years. Rosehip oil that exists alone in the bottle will only keep for about six months.


Storing rosehip oil in a cool place after opening, such as the refrigerator, prolongs its shelf life. Leaving rosehip oil in direct sunlight makes the oil go rancid. Rosehip oil that comes in a dark glass bottle reduces sunlight exposure, which can also help to keep the oil fresher longer.


After every use, close the cap of the rosehip oil tightly and put it back in the refrigerator immediately. A tightly sealed cap maintains its freshness.