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Pheromones are produced naturally in many animals as a way to signal a response in the members of the same species. For humans, pheromones are used as a way to attract a potential mate. The perception of the pheromones in humans is specific from one person to the next. For instance, one woman may have a more noticeable pheromone output than another. It is possible to naturally raise pheromone levels in women. Increasing the levels of testosterone, the male sexual hormone which is also found in smaller amounts in females, can also increase the levels of pheromones in females.

Exercise. Exercise releases toxins in the body through the production of sweat. Once these toxins are eliminated, the smell of the pheromones can become more noticeable. Exercise may also help boost testosterone levels, which can increase natural levels of pheromones, according to Pheromone Information Library.

Take 30 to 45mg of a zinc supplement each day. Zinc helps boost the production of testosterone, which can increase natural levels of pheromones.

Take 10mg of the synthetic form of DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, per day. DHEA is produced naturally in the body and is the precursor to both female and male sexual hormones, according to Mayo Clinic. These female and male sexual hormones can increase the production of pheromones.

Bathe in hot water without the use of soap when there is no body odor present. This will help prevent the removal of natural pheromones lingering on the skin.