How to Make Pantyhose Stay Up

By Christi Aldridge

You may hate wearing pantyhose if you work in a conservative office, but pantyhose that come sagging down around your ankles are even worse. Choose the right hose and you won't be worried about your pantyhose while you're trying to head up a meeting or presentation. Properly fitting hose that are right for your body will ensure that you don't have these issues and can get on with your day worry-free.

Make sure your stockings are up for the long haul.

Step 1

Check the size. It's common for women to buy the wrong size stockings due to the generalities of the sizing charts. If you fall between sizes, opt for the smaller size. If the hose won't stay up on you, it's possible they are simply too large.

Step 2

Purchase hose that have staying power. Materials such as spandex and nylon have a better chance of resisting the urge to slide. Try a control top or shaping style for extra support in the waistband that will keep your hose where they should be.

Step 3

Pull a pair of underwear over the hose once you've put them on. Make sure the underwear are also constructed of a supportive material and fit well. This is a last effort to keep hose that are constantly on the slide in place.

Step 4

Consider switching from pantyhose to thigh-high stockings and a garter belt. A garter belt is designed to keep stockings clipped into place with the aid of small clips that attach to the top bands of the stockings.