How to Make Pants Stay in Boots

By Tiffany Raiford

Wearing your jeans or pants tucked into your boots is something you do for a number of reasons: fashion, warmth or to protect your pants from the rain on your way to work. While it's relatively easy to tuck your pants into a pair of boots to keep them dry or create your own fashion statement, some pants are not easy to keep in your boots. It's unlikely you have the time or the inclination to stop every few minutes to tuck your pants back into your boots when they start to come out, which is why you need a backup plan to keep your pants in your boots. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to keep your pants from coming out of your boots when you are out and about.

Tucking jeans into boots is a fashion statement as well as a way to stay warm.

Step 1

Wear skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are jeans that are fitted to your skin all the way to your ankle, providing no chance for them to come untucked from your boots. Wide-leg and boot-cut jeans are difficult to tuck into boots because of the thickness of the jeans, which makes them more likely to come out of the boot at the top.

Step 2

Put tall socks or pantyhose over your jeans inside your boots. This does two things for you: it makes your boots more comfortable to wear and helps your jeans stay in place.

Step 3

Wrap a rubber band around the ankle of your jean to keep it from riding up through your boots and out the top.

Step 4

Purchase an elastic pant clip to wear; the elastic clips to the edges of the bottom of your jeans and stretches around the bottom of your foot like a stirrup to keep your pants from coming out of your boots. Many companies market this product, sometimes called jean grabbers; you can find them in a number of shoe stores, department stores and on the Internet.