Beards are currently commonplace for men, and many different styles have emerged, ranging from a full face beard to a goatee. Men learn how to take care of and groom their beards as they grow. Itching is part of the growing process and is terribly irritating, but there are ways to combat and soothe the itching part of growing a beard.

Things You'll Need

Clean your beard with a mild baby shampoo. Lather the shampoo and rinse completely.

Apply a hair or beard conditioner after shampooing. Smooth conditioner onto your beard and rinse off with warm water. A conditioner softens the beard, reducing itch from stubble that is irritating your face.

Smooth a moisturizing cream into a towel-dried beard. The cream moisturizes the skin and beard, alleviating dryness and itching.

Tweeze any ingrown beard hair. Ingrown hairs create red bumps on your face and cause itching.

Groom and comb your beard to prevent ingrown beard hairs.

Use an electric razor to sculpt and shape your beard instead of a manual razor.


  • Ask your barber regarding any suggestions he has on moisturizers and conditioners for your beard. He may also suggest specific grooming tools.