How to Make Makeup Look Airbrushed

By Maggie Hira

Airbrush makeup is often used by professional makeup artists to give celebrities and stage performers a flawless look. Airbrush makeup is made of finely pigmented makeup that successfully covers every blemish, including freckles and birth marks. The idea behind airbrush makeup is to give the wearer a look usually reserved for models in magazines. You can purchase your own airbrush makeup kit to achieve this look, or try a few other tricks of the trade that can help you make makeup look airbrushed.

Make Makeup Look Airbrushed

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Step 1

Apply foundation, blush and eyeshadow with an airbrush gun. You can purchase an airbrush makeup kit complete with airbrush gun and liquid foundation, blush and eye shadow at most beauty supply stores (Luminess is a popular airbrush makeup brand), or check online (see resources). The liquid makeup is poured into the airbrush gun through a small hole. By gently pushing the throttle of the gun, the makeup is released in a soft spray to coat the face, cheeks and eyes in the user's chosen colors. The airbrush gun must be sprayed in slow, circular motions without resting on one spot for too long.

Step 2

Use mineral makeup to achieve an airbrushed makeup look. Mineral makeup contains tiny crystals that adhere to the face in a close pack, covering both large and small blemishes and giving the skin an ethereal glow. Use a large powder brush to apply mineral powder foundation onto your face and smaller brushes to apply mineral eye shadow and blush. Buff the makeup onto your face in circular motions to cover the entire surface area of your skin.

Step 3

Apply foundation primer onto bare skin. A primer is a clear, gel-like substance that smooths skin and covers imperfections by filling in fine lines and improving overall skin texture prior to applying makeup. When you apply your regular makeup over the primer, you will notice that your foundation goes on much smoother, giving your face a flawless finish. This is one of the easiest ways of making makeup look airbrushed. Try Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer available at Sephora.

Step 4

Use a makeup setting spray to even out your made-up complexion and prolong hold. The setting spray gives your makeup a luminous texture, making it appear airbrushed while protecting it from pollution and other irritants that threaten to undo it. Spray it onto a folded piece of paper towel or onto your fingers, then pat gently onto your face after putting on your makeup. Professional makeup artists often use this trick as a quick and easy way to make makeup look airbrushed. Try Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix, also available at Sephora.