How to Make Jewelry Out of Deer Antlers

By Ryn Gargulinski

Never mind baubles and gems, you can have a natural selection of adornments when you make jewelry out of deer antlers. Deer antlers are rugged enough to stand up to any lifestyle yet still fashionable enough to dress up a variety of outfits. You can make jewelry out of deer antlers with a few tools, in just a few steps.

Deer antlers can be transformed into fashionable jewelry.

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Step 1

Cut your antlers into pieces. Unless you are a mighty giant, you are not going to string an entire deer antler around your neck as a pendant. About 3 inches down from the points, or more if you want longer dangling pieces, begin to saw the antlers into pieces, much like sawing a sausage into round chunks. Pick whatever size you like.

Step 2

Drill holes in the pieces. Once you have your array of deer antler chunks, drill holes through the center of the round sausage-like pieces so you can string and bead them to your liking. Use a very thin drill bit or you risk making the hole too large and unattractive. The hole only needs to be wide enough for the jewelry wire or cord to pass through.

Step 3

Hook up the points. You should have a variety of points from the tip of the antlers. One can be made into a pendant by attaching a jewelry mount with a loop attached at the base of the antler piece and stringing a cord through. If you are very bold, you can make the tips into a pair of earrings, also by attaching a jewelry mount at the tops of each and wiring to earring backs. If you’d rather, you can use the points as beads on a full-fledged deer antler necklace, also by attaching a jewelry mount to the base of the points and stringing through a cord. Rather than jewelry mounts, you can also drill holes near the top of the pointed pieces to attach to your jewelry.

Step 4

Use the sausage chunks for a bracelet or necklace—or both. Cut your cord, beading wire or thread to the length of the piece you want to create, leaving an extra inch or two so you know you have enough. Begin by attaching the clasp to the end of the wire and knotting securely. Then string the sausage chunk antler pieces onto the wire as if it were a bead. You can intersperse beads, knots, antler points or other jewelry items between the antler pieces to create any type of effect you desire. Once you’ve beaded the length of your wire, knot securely and attach the other end of the clasp. Voila! You’ve got yourself some deer antler jewelry.