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What if we told you that there exists jewelry that makes a visual statement and helps heal your mind and body? Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. It’s simply the chakras, a concept dating back to 1500 - 500 B.C. in India. Chakras are defined as a spinning disk or wheel. As humans, we have seven main chakras along the spine.

When chakra flow is interrupted, we feel the negative effects. Thankfully, chakra beads and stones are there, often in the form of bracelets, to help restore balance. Here’s more about this concept, plus how to make your own DIY chakra bracelet.

How do chakra bracelets help?

"[They] act as a conduit for healing," says Audrey Kitching, former model and alternative healer who owns an online shop called Crystal Cactus. This is done by "positive, healing energy to flow into the body while pushing negative, toxic, disease-causing energy out. Everything in the universe has a very unique energy field. Wearing specific crystal jewelry, or carrying stones, can help balance out and protect you from other vibrations that aren't in your best interests."

Different types of chakra beads

It's up to you to decide which chakra beads you want to use. Just ensure that each corresponds to one of the seven chakras to experience the full effects.

  1. Red jasper for the root chakra: This stone has a comforting essence that gives you a solid base to feel comfortable taking serious action in your life.

  2. Carnelian for the sacral chakra : A warm, vibrant stone that will help boost your confidence and is great for creativity. 

  3. Yellow jade for the solar plexus chakra: Since this stone is associated with fire energy, it is related to providing self-confidence and courage.

  4. Aventurine for the heart chakra: This sparkly stone is also known as the "stone of opportunity," as it helps manifest good change.

  5. Amazonite for the throat chakra: This peaceful stone is known for being calming and helping you find truth and integrity within yourself. 

  6. Lapis lazuli for the third-eye chakra: This blue stone leads to a lot of introspection.

  7. Amethyst for the crown chakra: This gorgeous, light-violet stone is a protective stone that helps rid your head of negative thoughts. 

How to make a DIY chakra bracelet

Things you will need:

  • Chakra beads (no more than 8 mm)
  • Long-head pin or sturdy wire
  • Fastening of your choice (lobster claws are popular)
  • Jump rings
  • Chain cutters
  • Round-nosed pliers
  1. Start by threading the seven colored beads onto the head pin in the proper chakra order. Cut the flat head off of your head pin and follow that with making another loop at this end. Ensure it's up close so your beads won't move too much and then curve the wire so it sits in a good position on your wrist. 

  2. Lay the beads on top of your wrist to gauge how much chain will be required on either side. Then, cut the chain to the proper length (you will need two equal lengths), leaving a gap for fastening or else the bracelet will be too big. If it's too small, use an extender chain. 

  3. Using the jump rings or the loops you made, attach your chain to either side of the beaded post. 

  4. Finally, use the jump rings to attach the clasp to the end of one chain and a single jump ring (or extender chain, if it's too small on your wrist) to the other. 

Let those positive vibes in and look good doing it with your very own chakra bracelet.