By following this simple routine you can make your hair grow at an enormous speed. Not only will this regime make your hair grow fast, but it will be shiny and healthy as well!

Things You'll Need

Stop washing your hair. Only wash your hair every 3rd day because over-washing strips the hair of its natural oils. During this time you can braid it or put it up if you like.

Every day, take your prong hairbrush and massage your scalp with it. Brush your hair and scalp vigorously as this brings blood flow to the follicles of your hair, which is vital in hair growth and the production of new hair. Do this for about 15-20 minutes twice a day.

Every night, brush your hair with long strokes using your boar bristle hairbrush. Start at the root of the hair and pull the brush down to the tips of the hair shaft. This redistributes the natural oils in your hair so that the ends of the hair are well nourishes and won’t split or dry out.

Pretty soon, you will have super long, super healthy hair!