Blonde woman holding her hands in hair

There are several ways you can make your hair more blond overnight. By applying different rinses or conditioning mixtures and letting them sit in your hair overnight, the color will naturally lighten. A lemon juice mixture adds a light, sun-kissed blond to hair, while a cinnamon paste can lighten dark-blond or brown hair. For a permanent blond color, you should use hair coloring or see a stylist. Otherwise, try simple home mixtures to add subtle blond color.

Lemon Juice

Mix 1 part lemon juice with 2 parts leave-in conditioner.

Rub the conditioner through your hair.

Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap to keep in the mixture. Sleep with the shower cap on your head. In the morning, your hair will be a lighter shade of blond.

Cinnamon Paste

Mix 4 tbsp. cinnamon with 6 tbsp. conditioner to create a cinnamon paste.

Apply the mixture to damp hair.

Brush your hair to work the mixture through all your hair.

Place a shower cap over your hair, and sleep with the mixture in your hair.

Rinse out the cinnamon paste the next day. Your hair should be a lighter shade of blond.


  • Homemade mixtures will lighten hair, but the color isn't permanent. If you are looking for a more drastic change, use hair color. If you are not blond already, go to a professional hair colorist so you don't end up with a poor coloring job.