How to Make Homemade Red Hair Dye

By Crystal Buckle

Dying your hair with store-bought hair dying kits can be harsh on your hair because of the chemicals the products contains. Creating a homemade dye is a better option because it's a cheaper and healthier alternative for your hair coloring needs. If your hair is blond or brown, a red hair color is possible using homemade dying techniques. To make homemade red dye work effectively on naturally black hair, the hair needs to be bleached prior to the application.


Make Red Hair Dye Using Kool-Aid


Step 1

Pour the contents of the three tropical punch Kool-Aid packets into a mixing bowl. If your hair is past shoulder length you will need a couple more Kool-Aid packets to create enough mixture to will cover your entire head.


Step 2

Add a small amount of drops of water into the bowl containing the Kool-Aid. The water added should be enough to create a paste-like texture.


Step 3

Add the conditioner. Add a small amount of drops from the conditioner, to the bowl containing the water and Kool-Aid mixture.


Step 4

Mix the contents in the bowl together. The texture of the mixture should be smooth, free of lumps and bubbles.

Make Hair Dye Using Beet And Carrot Juice


Step 5

Pour 1/2 cup of beet juice into a bowl.


Step 6

Pour 1/2 cup of carrot juice into the bowl containing the beet juice.


Step 7

Mix the contents of the bowl together until they are completely combined.


Step 8

Pour the contents of the bowl into a squeeze bottle. A squeeze bottle makes it easier to apply the liquid dye into your hair.