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Redken Shades EQ is a a demi-permanent hair color to add depth and tone to your hair. This hair color is deposit-only and will not lighten your existing hair color. Use Redken Shades EQ to darken your natural hair color or to refresh faded, colored hair between touch-ups. Shades EQ is a gentle hair color that is the perfect choice for those with damaged hair or who like to change their hair colors regularly.

Select the desired Redken Shades EQ hair color. The selection should be based on your skin tone. Those with cool skin tones should choose ash blondes, ash browns or violet-based reds. Those with warm skin tones should opt for buttery blondes, warm browns or auburn reds.

Shampoo the hair. This will remove any hair products. Towel-dry the hair to remove excess moisture.

Mix the Shades EQ hair color with the EQ developer according to the product directions. Mix the hair color in a color bowl or in a color bottle, depending on your application preference.

Apply the hair color. Brush it on if using a bowl or squeeze it on if applying by bottle. Apply the color to 1-inch sections from root to tip. Ensure all the hair is thoroughly coated with the hair color.

Wait the recommended time for the hair color to process. After the time has elapsed, rinse the color off with lukewarm water.

Condition the hair. Apply a conditioner for colored hair all over the head, let it sit for one minute, and rinse with cool water. This will seal the hair shaft and help the color last longer.


If you wish, wrap your head in a plastic bag during processing to keep drafts off the head. Variations in scalp temperature can cause the color to process at different speeds.

Wrap a cape or old towel around your shoulders to catch color drips.


Do not apply conditioner to the hair after first shampooing. Conditioner coats the hair shaft and may disrupt the coloring process.