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A coffee pot works by quickly heating water and running it over top of ground coffee or tea leaves. Using a coffee pot to make green tea is a fast, simple process. It has the added advantage of taking less time than waiting for water to boil on the stove or in the microwave; also, there is no need to wait for the tea to steep.

Clean the coffee pot to remove any residual traces of coffee. Pour a few cups of cold water into the reservoir. Plug the machine into the wall and flip the switch to turn it on. After all the water has been collected in the carafe, turn the coffee pot off. Discard the hot water.

Decide how many servings of tea you would like to make. Retrieve the number of tea bags equal to the number of servings. For instance, to make three servings of green tea, get out three green tea bags.

Unwrap the tea bags and discard the wrappers.

Place tea bags in the funnel, which is the portion of the coffee pot in which you would normally place ground coffee. Separate the bags as much as possible. If there are strings attached to the bags, drape them over the outer edge of the funnel, just as you would on the outside of a tea cup.

Determine how much water you’ll need. Use 1 cup of cold water for each tea bag. For example, if you are using three tea bags, use 3 cups of water. Pour the water into the reservoir at the back of the coffee maker, just as you would when brewing coffee.

Flip the switch to turn the coffee pot on.

Wait until the green tea has finished brewing then pour it into teacups or mugs. Stir in sweetener, if desired.

Turn the coffee pot off and unplug it after all of the green tea has been decanted.

Remove and discard tea bags.


For stronger tea, use more tea bags and less water. For weaker tea, use less tea bags and more water. There is no need to use a coffee filter unless using loose tea leaves. To make iced green tea, reduce the amount of water and pour brewed tea into glasses filled with ice cubes. Green tea is typically caffeinated unless otherwise noted on the package label. This set of instructions may also be applied to black and herbal tea bags.


Brewed tea will be hot. Pour only cold water into your coffee pot reservoir, as hot water or other liquids may damage the machine.

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