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If you're tired of making tea by the cup but you don't have a proper teapot, you'll be delighted to learn you can brew an entire pot of tea in your coffee percolator. Before you know it, you'll be refilling your cup in seconds instead of heating water to make your next fresh cup of tea.

Pour cold water into your percolator to the eight-cup fill line.

Insert the rod and basket into the pot, and place three tea bags in the basket. If you're using bulk tea, line the basket with a filter and add three teaspoons of tea.

Plug in the percolator and let it run until the perking cycle is finished.

Remove the basket and rod and discard the tea. Replace the percolator lid to keep your tea hot and ready to serve.


  • Tea is a matter of taste, so you may need to experiment with the amount of tea to achieve the strength you like. A paper towel can be used instead of a filter.