Tea strainer, fruit tea, white background

Drinking hot tea is comforting and relaxing. But, in order to have the best tea experience, you should learn how to make the best cup of tea possible, and this includes using a type of tea infuser. Imagine pouring yourself a cup of hot tea that you've just made with your tea ball. Here's how.

Bring the water to a rolling boil while you read the instructions for the type of tea that you are brewing. These instructions should be located on the tea package.

Pour boiling hot water into the teacup or teapot to preheat it. This is absolutely necessary because if you use a cold cup or pot for steeping tea, the flavor of the tea won't be as pronounced. Once you've warmed the pot or cup, pour out the hot water.

Place tea leaves into your tea ball, according to the instructions. Usually, you'll use 1 tsp of loose tea leaves when you make tea just for yourself. Close the tea ball and place it in your warmed teacup or teapot.

Fill your cup with boiling water. Typically you'll use 8 oz water for each cup of tea.

Cover your cup or teapot and steep your tea for 3 to 5 minutes to get the full flavor. Remove the tea ball after the tea has finished steeping.

Enjoy your cup of infused tea and when you've finished drinking, open your tea ball and discard the used tea leaves. Rinse your tea ball and keep it handy for your next relaxing tea experience.


  • Some tea balls have large perforations or openings. If you use such a tea ball, you may also need to use a tea strainer to remove loose leaves from your teapot.

  • If your tea is too strong, add more hot water. This will dilute the tea and make it weaker.

  • If your tea is too weak, be sure to use less hot water or more tea the next time you steep tea.