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If you love tea, you probably like to drink it during the day at work. For people who use loose tea instead of commercial tea bags, this can be a problem. Teavana, the purveyor of all things tea, has come up with a solution. Rather than keeping teapots and teaballs in your office desk, use the Perfect Tea Maker. Much like a French press extracts the essence of the grounds from coffee, the Perfect Tea Maker brews the best tea while taking up very little space.

Measure 2 tbsp. of loose tea leaves into the Teavana Perfect Tea Maker. Add water, that has just stopped boiling, to reach the top of the tea maker.

Close the lid and allow the tea to steep in the tea maker. Depending on your tea variety, this will take from 3 to 8 minutes.

Pick up the Perfect Tea Maker by the attached handle and set it on top of your tea mug. There is a mechanism at the bottom of the tea maker that will push up when you set the tea maker on top of a mug. This will release the stopper and allow the tea to flow into your mug. Lift up the tea maker when your mug is full, and the mechanism will close the stopper to hold in the rest of the tea.

Dump out the tea leaves and rinse out the pot as soon as you have released all the tea into a tea mug. This will prevent the tea from staining the pot or making it cloudy.


Don't touch the bottom of the tea maker when it's full. You might trip the release mechanism and get hot tea spilled on your hands.

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