How to Make Eyes Sparkle

By Lea WhiteFeather

If you peek in the mirror and are dismayed by eyes that appear tired, perk up. With a little makeup, you can almost instantly make your eyes appear more vibrant, awake and alluring. Get ready for some subtle shimmer, as it is one of your most important tools for eyes that grab the limelight.

A mischievous glint in the eye can be faked!

Step 1

Prep clean eyelids with a makeup primer to make shadow stick and really show up. Pat under-eye concealer on to banish dark circles. Make sure brows are groomed and trimmed to open up eye area as much as possible. Fill them in with brow pencil or powder to get rid of any sparseness and to give them definition.

Step 2

Apply a light shimmery shade as your base color from lash line all the way to brow bone. Using an eyeshadow brush with a flat head, press eyeshadow on instead of sweeping in order to make it more opaque and extra light-reflective.

Step 3

Add dimension to your eye makeup with contouring. Use either a matte medium tone of your base shadow or a matte medium flesh-tone shade with a hint of rose in it to help give eye area a fresher look. Press color on outer edges of eye in a sideways "V" and blend hard edges away so that they fade into your base. Contouring your eyes like this instead of directly on the crease pulls the edges upwards to give you a more awake look.

Step 4

Dab just a small amount of highlighter onto brow bones and blend. Highlight inner corners of eyes as well but with a gold or flesh-toned pencil with subtle shimmer. Run the same pencil along bottom rims of eyes.

Step 5

Line eyes to bring out their shape. A technique for sparkle is to use a damp angled eyeliner brush dipped in a vibrant subtly shimmery shadow. Use color as a liner on both top and bottom lash lines before taking a dark liner to define just the base of your top lashes, getting the product in between lash hairs to make your lash bed appear thick and full. Polish off your look with a lengthening and thickening mascara. On top lashes, concentrate the product on base of lashes and outer edges especially. On bottom ones, you don't need a lot; simply touch mascara wand lightly to hairs so they don't appear naked.