The costliest part of making eye shadow at home is purchasing mica — the naturally occurring silicate mineral used to give eye shadow its color. The 37 different types of mica are ground to a fine powder and combined to make the colors used in everything from paint to food coloring and makeup. Instead of purchasing mica, you can make eye shadow using crayons ground down to a fine powder.

Things You'll Need

Purchase the nontoxic color crayons you want to use. Grind each individual color down in a mortar and pestle. You can also put the crayons in a sealable plastic bag and pound them with a wooden mallet or crush them with a rolling pin.

Pour the ground crayon into the miniature herb grinder to reduce the grounds into a fine powder. Put the powder into a bowl. Grind one color at a time, and put the powder into separate bowls. Make sure to wipe the grinder down after each use with a clean, dry towel.

Experiment with different color combinations by mixing small amounts of ground powder into the grinder. Once you have the desired shade, inspect the mixture for any color streaks. Continue grinding the mixture until streaks disappear.

Pour the mixture into a clean bowl, and spray it with powder binder. Use a spoon to mix the binder until you have formed a paste.

Press the mixture into an old eye shadow tray or other small container using the back of a spoon. Allow the eye shadow to dry before using it.