Numerous beauty bloggers have created videos on the phenomenon of using crayons as makeup. It's easy and affordable for anyone to do. The other reason though that the concept has risen in popularity is that crayons offer a wide range of colors you can use to create eye shadow. If you decide to make the endeavor to concoct some crayon eye shadow always ensure you only use non-toxic crayons when you make your eye shadow.

Making Powder Eye Shadow Out of Crayons

To make powder eye shadow with crayons start the process by removing the labels completely on the crayons you want to use to make eye shadow.

When the labels are off take a good cutting knife to cut the crayons into pieces. This next part is fun: either smash the crayons with a mortar and pestle or with a rolling pin. You want to get the pieces broken down as much as possible.

Next place one crayon color at a time into a grinder and grind them thoroughly into a fine powder like consistency. You want the crayons to be extremely fine.

Pour the powder into a contact lens container or another small container with a cover. You can spray the powder with a powder binder once all of it is inside the container. You now can use your eye shadow made from crayons!

Making Cream Eye Shadow Out of Crayons

If you'd rather make a cream eye shadow with crayons you can do this as well. Start off by filling a cooking pot with water. Just add enough water to the pot to fill up the bottom of the pot. You don't want it overflowing. Allow the water to heat up on low.

While you let the water heat remove the labels on the crayons you want to use for colors. Ensure the labels are entirely peeled off.

When the water is just beginning to get warmer place a small glass bowl inside it. Set the crayon color you want to use for your cream eye shadow in the bowl. Add a spoonful of coconut oil into the bowl. Sit back and observe the crayon and coconut oil melting.

Once your crayon is melted pour it into a contact lens container or any small container you might have. Before using your eye shadow give it time to set. You'll want to use a lip brush when administering your cream eye shadow. You can also use the cream eye shadow as a lip color or an eye liner if you want!

After Usage Cleanup

As is the case with any makeup you will want to remove your crayon eye shadow after each use. To remove crayon eye shadow use a gentle soap or a skin cleanser and combine with water. If it still doesn't come off easily use baby wipes, baby oil, or makeup remover.


Crayons were not intended to be used as makeup when they were manufactured, so it's impossible to know for certain if they are completely hygienic and safe. If you have any irritation from using eye shadow made from crayons discontinue use immediately.