Anyone with dreadlocks will tell you that they are not meant to be washed on a daily basis. However, proper hygiene is still a necessity, and not everyone has a lot of money to spend on fancy shampoos designed to keep dreadlocks intact. Here is a cheap way to keep your dreadlocks and scalp clean.

Things You'll Need

Keep Your Head And Your Dreads Squeaky Clean!

Put the baking soda in the cup.

Fill the cup with water and stir.

Bring the mixture into the shower.

Wet your scalp and dreadlocks, then pour the mixture over them.

Massage the mixture onto the scalp, making sure that all areas are covered.

Let the mixture sit for one minute.

Rinse thoroughly, making sure that no baking soda residue is left on the scalp or on the dreadlocks.


  • If you prefer a store-bought shampoo rather than a baking soda mixture, be sure to use a product that explicitly says “anti-residue.”

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