How to Make Different Types of Hairstyles

By Mary McNally

Changing your hairstyle can give you a whole new look and attitude on life. You can use one hairstyle for home, one for work and another for a night on the town. There are many easy hairstyles that you can create at home that don't involve expensive cuts, styling tools or other costly accessories.

It's easy to change your hairstyle.

Step 1

Put your hair up in a French braid for work. Part your hair in the middle and section off some hair from the crown and sides of your head. Divide this section into three separate parts and braid it together one time. Add more hair from the section on the right and braid it over the middle strand. Do the same for the left section. Continue adding hair on alternate sides, pulling it tightly and folding it over the middle strands and braiding. Each side section alternates as the middle strand section as you braid down your head. Braid the tail and let it hang down your back or pin it up under the braided section on your head. You can gel the hair sections while you are braiding to keep your hair in place.

Step 2

Pull your hair up in a chignon for a date. This works best on shoulder-length hair. Put your hair up in a pony tail and hold it in place with your hands. Slowly pull your hair out straight behind you and roll to the left or right, depending on where you want to pin it. Keep rolling your hair sideways until it meets your head. Tuck any loose ends inside the roll and pin it at the top, bottom and middle underneath the roll.

Step 3

Put your hair up into a fan with a hair clip for a casual look. This works best with medium or long hair. Put your hair into a ponytail at the base of your skull and twist it to the right down the length of your hair. Flip the twisted ponytail up against your head, clip it securely with a hair clip and fan out the ends over the top of the clip.

Step 4

Put your hair in short pigtails for a picnic. This works best with short, curly hair. Part your hair in the middle or on the side and then make a part down the middle of the back of your head. Gather the hair on each side up high near the back of your head and fasten it with a hair rubber band. Tuck the ends into the rubber bands for a cute, bouncy look.

Step 5

Use a zigzag part for a different "hanging-out-at-the-mall" look. This works well on short, medium and long hair that is thin to medium thickness and not freshly washed. Make a zigzag part down the top of your head and gather each section of hair as you part it. Pin each section to the opposite side of your head with hair clips or bobby pins. You can also braid or dye each zigzagged section if you desire.