How to Make Dark Circles Under Your Eyes With Eyeliner

By Brenna Davis

Eyeliner can create powerful illusions around the eyes. While many people are concerned about covering dark circles under their eyes, some people actually want to create this look. Circular eyeliner smudges under the eye can create a dramatic, glamorous look. Dark circles that create the appearance of exhaustion can accentuate a Halloween costume or convince your boss that you really were up all night.

Woman applying eyeliner in mirror
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Eyeliner can radically transform your look.

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Circular Eyeliner Smudges

Step 1

Create a smoky-eyed look by applying white eyeliner to the area just above your lower lash line. This makes the whites of your eyes look brighter, which prevents dark eyeliner circles from making you look tired.

Step 2

Line the top outer corners of your eyes with a black liquid eyeliner pencil. Apply dark eyeshadow in brown, gray or black to the creases of your eyelids and apply a lighter base color such as gold or taupe to your eyelids.

Step 3

Apply a line under your lower lash line using a dark black eyeliner pencil. The line should be thick and does not need to be perfectly straight or even. After applying the line, use a sponge smudging tool to smudge the eyeliner downward and outward, creating a circular line underneath your eye.

Creating Dark Circles

Step 4

Prepare the area under your eye by applying your normal foundation and topping it with pressed powder. This sets the foundation and makes it easier for the eyeliner to stick without smudging.

Step 5

Apply a line under your eyes with a black eyeliner pencil. Use the smudging tool to smudge the eyeliner downward so that it covers the the skin under your eyes.

Step 6

Add a line of blue eyeliner to the area just under the black eyeliner. Dark under-eye circles frequently have a blue hue, so this creates a natural, tired look. Smudge the eyeliner using the eyeliner smudging tool, blend any edges and apply pressed powder to the top.