How to Make Concealer Last

By LeafTV Editor

How to Make Concealer Last. Dark circles under the eyes, blemishes and age spots are all things that women struggle to conceal with makeup. You can look fantastic when first applied, but hours later the concealer wears off. An extra minute and a few extra steps in the morning helps concealer stay put to make that fresh, morning look last all day long.

Step 1

Use a lightweight moisturizer. Heavy moisturizers provide a greasy backdrop for makeup and cause the makeup to slide off the face quickly. Water-based moisturizers soak into the skin quickly and more thoroughly than oil-based ones and tend to last longer.

Step 2

Pick a concealer with a yellow base to hide dark circles and a green base to hide red spots like blemishes. Cream concealers labeled non-comedogenic and oil-free are perfect choices. Look for brands that have a high pigmentation which has better coverage.

Step 3

Tap the concealer onto the problem spot with a fingertip. Use a light motion, starting with a small amount, and add more concealer only if necessary and avoid rubbing it into the skin. Try a small makeup brush for smaller or hard-to-reach areas using the same tapping motion to apply.

Step 4

Dust your face with a powder that matches the foundation or use powdered mineral makeup. The brush should be large so the application is lighter and applied evenly around the concealed area and the entire face.

Step 5

Check your makeup throughout the day and apply transparent face powder with a large dusting brush to absorb any perspiration or oil.