In these days of comic book, sci-fi and anime conventions, more people than ever are searching for new ways to develop costumes like their favorite characters. Sometimes, even regular daily wear is improvised in order to allow a more individualistic approach to dressing. There is no easier, or more original way, to show your individuality at one of these conventions than by using plastic bags to create your clothing.

Decide what type of bag you’d like to use. Plastic bags come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. If you already have an idea for the outfit that you are trying to create, decide what color you’d like it to be. This will help you narrow down your plastic bag choices. Additionally, think about the flow of the outfit. Do you want it to drape in a certain way that only a large plastic bag will allow? Or, do you want an intricate weaving affect that may be easier to accomplish with small bags?

Once you’ve decided on the bags to use, you should determine how to assemble the clothing. A toga can be easily made by cutting the corner of the bottom (sealed end) of a white garbage bag, putting your head through that end of the bag, and tying the other corner in a knot. A tube top can be made by tying to small shopping bags together, placing that knot in the center of your chest and wrapping the rest of the bag around to your back, and then tying another knot.

Clothing made with plastic bags doesn’t need much in the way of decorative embellishments. If you want to add a little something to polish off the look of your piece, you can use ribbons to hide seems and buttons to mask ties. When using ribbons, a glue gun or hand stitching can affix the ribbon securely. The same will work for buttons.

The plastic bags themselves can be used in a more complex way to add décor. Cut a shopping bag into strips and then weave the strips together creating a large rectangle. Finish off the top and bottom of the rectangle by folding down the edge and gluing it down. Leave the sides with hanging pieces of the plastic strips. Wrap the square around your torso and tie the strips together in the back. Viola, a plastic-bag bustier!


  • Creativity, trial and error are key. Don't be afraid to try something different!