Identity badges, keys, glasses and more! Lanyards, once the summer camp craft project staple, are now a presence in the workplace. Instead of settling for a simple strap lanyard, make your own beaded lanyard and let your lanyard become a great accessory to your wardrobe. Make several in different color schemes to match all of your outfits.

String both strands of beading wire through the key ring.

Pull the 2 ends of 1 strand of the beading wire together, this will form 1 side of the lanyard.

Thread a crimp bead onto the doubled over beading wire.

With the crimp bead 1/4 inch away from the key ring, crimp the crimp bead with needle nose pliers.

Cover crimp bead with crimp bead cover.

String 6 inches of décor beads on the beading wire.

String 8 1/2 inches of seed or filler beads onto the beading wire.

String a crimp bead, and one half of the magnetic clasp. String the beading wire back through the crimp bead.

Pull snug.

Crimp the crimp bead with needle nose pliers.

Cover crimp bead with crimp bead cover.

Trim off excess beading wire.

Repeat process on other strand of beading wire.

Place magnetic ends together and enjoy!


For best results, décor beads should be of varying sizes, shapes and colors. Other types of clasps work very well with this lanyard. Customize the length of the lanyard by increasing or decreasing the length of the beading strands and quantity of beads.

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