How to Make an Eyelid Concealer

By Kristy Barkan

Eyelids can be a continual source of frustration for the regular makeup user. Dark eyelids and tiny broken veins are seemingly simple to cover up, but cosmetics applied to the upper eye area quickly settle into creases and create unattractive lines. Liquid cover-up is better than concealer in this area because it is less likely to cake up into creases, but it often will not provide enough coverage to fully hide shadows, redness and veins. The solution is to create your own concealer specifically for use on your eyelids.


Step 1

Pick out both a liquid and a cream concealer that coordinate with your skin tone, yellow-based for those with cool skin tones and blue-based for those with warm-toned skin.

Step 2

Squeeze a quarter-sized portion of the liquid concealer into the empty eyeshadow container.

Step 3

Scoop out a pinkie-sized chunk of the cream concealer using the end of the eye shadow brush. Add it to the liquid concealer in the eye shadow container.

Step 4

Squeeze a drop of eye shadow primer into the container and gently mix the makeup together using the end of the eyeshadow brush until it becomes an even-colored thin cream.

Step 5

Apply the mixture to your eyelid using the eye shadow brush and follow with a dusting of translucent powder.