An Al-Amira hijab is also known as the “princess scarf” and is a traditional item of clothing for a Muslim woman. The hijab covers the woman’s hair and neck, which is part of the Islam belief in modesty. The Al-Amira hijab is a simple and easy style to wear, and is practical for a woman at school or work.

Things You'll Need

Fold the scarf about 2 inches from one edge to give you a tidy edge.

Wrap the scarf around your head, with the folded edge on your forehead. Tie the scarf in a knot at the back of your head, near the nape of your neck. Leave most of the fabric on one end.

Wrap the long end loosely around your neck, and drape the cloth back over the top of your head. This will create a flowing fold on one side of your head, and a second fold farther back on your forehead.

Tuck the loose end back through the loop around your neck, and pull the end through the bottom.


  • Hair coverings called “bone head caps” can cover your hair under a hijab and give you a multi-colored look.