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Wig caps flatten natural hair for a smooth fit when the wig is applied. They prevent the wig from slipping off of your head if you have experienced hair loss, while protecting sensitive scalps from irritation. Wig caps are typically made of nylon or Spandex and can sit behind or over your ears, depending on the style of wig. Making your own wig cap is a suitable option if you have difficulty finding a cap that fits your head or forget to pick one up when you purchase your wig.

Making the Cap

Pull a nylon stocking over the crown of your head, until the opening sits directly at the edge of your hairline.

Gather the portion of the stocking that isn't secured to your head. Grasp the section 1 inch away from your scalp. This ensures that the cap isn't tight and uncomfortable.

Pick up the end of the stocking with your other hand. Wrap it around the portion that is 1 inch away from your scalp to create a loop. Fold the end of the cap through the loop toward the front of the cap, and pull both ends tightly in opposite directions to create a knot. Use a pair of scissors to cut the portion that falls above the knot.

Wearing the Cap

Spritz your hair with water and use a wide-tooth comb to pull it back over your scalp and flatten it. Secure hair that is below chin length with an elastic, making a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Wrap the ponytail around its own base to create a bun, and use hair pins to secure the bun to your scalp at the edge of your hairline.

Grasp the cap on either side and open it as wide as possible. Carefully pull the cap over your hair until it sits directly behind your ears, over the bun and covering your hairline. Tuck any stray pieces of hair under the cap.

Poke a hair pin through the end of the cap above the knot and gently pull the knot toward the nape of your neck until it has flattened and is as small as possible. Use the hair pin to attach the free end of the cap to the edge of the wig cap at the nape of the neck to hold it in place.


Use a stocking that matches your skin tone as closely as possible in case it becomes visible while your wig is on.

Wash your wig cap by hand, using a gentle hosiery cleanser or baby shampoo and warm water. Hang the wig cap to dry.