By Laura Leiva

A du rag is virtually the same thing as a bandana, which is a cloth that covers the head, and is popular to wear in a variety of settings to cover the hair and protect it from the sun. You can easily make a du rag out of your favorite shirt, and wear it to protect your hair from blowing wind while riding a motorcycle or to keep the scalp cool during days in the sun.

T-shirts are ideal to use for du rags.

Step 1

Lay out your shirt on a table, and cut out a square that is 22 inches by 22 inches. If the shirt is not that wide, cut the shirt up one side seam and lay flat to increase the width.

Step 2

Take one corner of the square and fold it to the opposite corner to create a triangle.

Step 3

Place the folded end of the triangle across the forehead, holding both of the triangle ends in each hand.

Step 4

Tie the two ends in a knot behind the head. Tuck in the corner of the du rag that went over the scalp behind the knot to secure.