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Wig caps are the netted material inside of wigs that attach the fake or real hair. Many times people cannot find a wig cap small enough for their heads or have lost the hair to keep the wig cap on. It is important to fit a wig cap to your head so it doesn't slip off. When purchasing a wig, inquire if they have different sized wig caps. If the wig store or catalog does not offer a smaller size, there are ways to customize a wig cap to your head.

Pull up all your hair on your head so that it is sitting on the crown. Wrap a rubber band around the hair so it sits as a tall ponytail.

Use hair pins to pin the pony tail to the top of your head. Make the pony tail as flat as possible. Pin around your head to bring up all your hair. Use a wig stocking to secure your hair under the wig. A wig stocking is a thin tight cap made from thin fabric that fits snugly around the head.

Lift your head down and bring the front of the wig to your forehead first before bring the back of the wig down. A large wig cap will have excess room that your can tuck together behind the ears. With your hand holding the excess wig cap together, slip off the wig.

Pin the excess wig cap together with sewing pins. Make both folds even. Using a needle and thread, sew the inside of the wig cap at the folds.

Try the wig cap back on to see if it has been customized to your head. If the cap is a little too tight, it will eventually loosen with wear.


Measure your head with a measuring tape from the hairline center in the front of head to the hairline center at the edge of the nape when finding your head measurements for ordering wigs.


Be careful when washing your altered wig cap that your do not stretch out the stitches.